Larry Kutcher is a pianist/composer whose varied musical explorations include classical, jazz, progressive rock, ambient soundscapes, and film scores.

He is best known for his powerful and intensely personal solo piano work, balancing technical virtuosity with raw emotional expression.

​Larry began his musical odyssey with studying classical violin at the age of six. He moved on from there into the drums and guitar, eventually settling on the piano, with which he could more fully realize and express all the music flowing through him.

​Influenced by Surrealism, The Beat Poets, The Firesign Theatre, and Frank Zappa, in particular, Larry also developed theatrical and comedic skills. This led him to recording and performing with Zappa alumni, guitarist Steve Vai. You can hear Larry's stream of consciousness performance art piece "Little Pieces Of Seaweed", on Steve Vai's CD "Flex-Able Leftovers".

​An aficionado of prog rock as well, Larry helped co-write "The Emperor's Clothes" with Alan and Neal Morse of Spock's Beard, for their 2010 CD release of Spock's Beard X.

Sharing the gift of music is pure joy! Not only does music touch the heart, soul, and mind, but it can also heal. Larry has seen the healing power of music first hand, in his capacity as a volunteer music therapist.

He also has a passion for all things feline, having been a cat rescuer for most of his adult life, and a lifelong love for all animals. Other passions include poetry, photography, art, and just being of service to those in need.

His spiritual walk is the foundation from which all of these endeavors originate and manifest.

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